1.) Paths, Edges, Steps & Stairs

There are numerous steps, paths, edges, drop offs and stairs of various riser heights, widths, tread depths, materials and textures. Please use caution when moving about the Property.

2.) River Access

The access provided to the Guadalupe River is by a combination of built and natural areas and pathways, parts of which are a bit challenging and require your attention in order to safely navigate. 


1.) Lights & Safety

Exterior light switches are found just inside the front and back doors of both houses. For the safety of all guests, some path and step lights are on timers which turn them on at dusk and off at 1:00 or 2:00 AM. Please turn on all exterior lights at dusk and turn them off when all guests have retired for the evening.

For all night safety, step lights between the houses will automatically go on at approximately dusk and go off at approximately dawn. 

If any lights are burned out, please notify property management right away and use extra precautions to maintain a high level of safety in those areas.

2.) Lighting Conservation

When everyone is in the houses for the evening, please turn off all of the outside lights.

3.) Sinks & Potties

Please avoid putting feminine products, baby wipes, kleenex, potato peels or other objects in the plumbing system that might cause clogging. Abuse of this policy may result in forfeiture of deposit.


1.) Vegetation

The vegetation varies from mowed lawn to many large trees and various types of bushes. While we are not currently aware of any at the time of this writing, there could be poison ivy, poison oak or other skin irritating plants on the property.

2.) Critters

Over the years a wide variety of “critters” have been seen on the property including deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, armadillos, possums, raccoons, a snake or two, skunks and porcupines. Please avoid leaving food or open containers around the property that would attract these critters.

3.) Insects

Wasps, bees, spiders, ticks and fleas are native to our Central Texas Hill Country area. Please check all outdoor furniture and equipment prior to use. Outdoor furnishings are cleaned regularly but please report any issues to Property Management if noticed.

4.) Climate

Kerrville and The Texas Hill Country generally have very favorable and enjoyable weather. The area is subject to occasional flash flooding. Do not take any chances in approaching or crossing waterways in vehicles or on foot after significant rainfall. 


1.) Swimming Pool

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. No running, pushing or shoving are allowed. No diving is allowed. No glassware is allowed in the pool area.  No smoking is allowed in the pool area. No climbing, sitting or standing on the negative edge of the pool or the rock wall is allowed. Avoid using the fire bowl in extremely windy conditions.  Always turn off the fire bowl when leaving the pool area. Only adults should use the controls on the touch pad located on the side of the equipment shed. Avoid using the outdoor umbrellas in extremely windy conditions.

In addition, the pool rules posted at the entrances to the pool area must be adhered to.                   

2.) Hot Tub

A hot tub is provided for your comfort and enjoyment. Children should always be under the direct and constant supervision of adults when the cover is off the hot tub. Be sure that minors have adequate, age appropriate flotation devices when in the tub and that their access to the tub is appropriately restricted and closely monitored. Pushing, shoving, running, etc. around the hot tub are not allowed and appropriate foot wear is recommended. Use alcohol responsibly when using the hot tub or on the property. If anyone has a questionable medical condition that might be affected by the heat or other conditions in a hot tub they should not use the hot tub. Cover the hot tub when not in use.

3.) River

Access to the Guadalupe River is a major asset of Rio de Arcadia. We hope you feel free to explore ways to enjoy the river. Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, floats & tubes may be brought by guests or rented locally upon your arrival. We can provide a list of rental sources for your use and convenience. Always use the river and any equipment that you use on the river in a responsible manner per manufacturers or rental agents recommendations or normal common sense and normal safety practices. Minors should always have full and constant supervision when anywhere near or in the water. Protective shoe wear should be worn when walking and playing along the bank or in the river as sharp rocks or other objects may be difficult to detect in the river. Use caution and care when walking in the river as uneven surfaces and slick moss can lead to a fall. Use caution when walking along the bank as the uneven surfaces or loose rocks and debris may be difficult to negotiate. DO NOT dive into the river as there may be unseen rocks, submerged trees and stumps or other dangerous subsurface obstacles. Do not get in or near the river when current or recent rains have occurred nearby or upstream as flash floods can occur without warning.


1.) Fire Pit

Use safety and common sense when building, lighting, maintaining and extinguishing a fire in the Fire Pit which is provided as an amenity when renting Rio de Arcadia. Non-adult guests MUST be attentively and constantly supervised anywhere near the Fire Pit when any level of fire is present. Use extra caution when using sharp sticks or skewers for roasting marshmallows, cooking Kabobs, etc. Please use the hose provided to thoroughly extinguish all fires at the end of every evening. Do not allow a fire in the Fire Pit to just burn itself out. Wind can carry embers away and potentially start a fire. If Fire Warnings or Burn Bans are in effect, fires in the Fire Pit or anywhere on the premises are not allowed.

2.) Fireplace

Our “Come And Take It” cannonball gas fireplace is provided for your warmth and a charming Texas evening in the den of Casa Tejas. The fireplace is a non-vented propane gas firebox. Please do not throw any paper or other combustible materials in the fireplace. Use the remote control ONLY to turn the fireplace off and on.  Do NOT move the fireplace screen and adjust the flame.  Please replace the remote control on the mantle when not in use.  Use extreme caution and turn the fireplace OFF when leaving the house or retiring for the night.

3.) Gas Grill

The gas grill is provided for your use and dining pleasure on the deck of Casa Tejas. Please follow the manufacturer’s normal recommendations for use and use caution and common sense in operating the grill. Additional information can be found in the Casa Tejas Manual. 


Rio de Arcadia is nestled in an eclectic but predominantly residential neighborhood along the banks of the Guadalupe River. School aged children live on adjacent properties. While Rio de Arcadia is a place to celebrate life in many ways, it is important to respect the rights and comfort of the neighbors who surround the Rio de Arcadia property in the following ways:

1.) Music & Noise Levels

Please have a wonderful time at Rio de Arcadia but be mindful of the neighbors and the noise levels you and your guests create while enjoying your time here. Bands, musicians and more “celebratory party noise” should be lowered to a respectful level after 9 PM on week nights (Sunday through Thursday) and after 11 PM on weekends (Friday and Saturday).

2.) Borders & Boundaries

Please respect the property borders of our neighbors and do not walk on their property. Access to the river is provided and boundaries to the adjacent properties are marked with rocks with red paint on the Rio de Arcadia side of the rocks so that the boundaries are clear and easy to see.

3.) View Lines

You may wish to drive your vehicles to the upper bank of the river to unload kayaks, coolers or other equipment for “a day at the river” which is fine if you use the designated drive path to the upper bank area. In order to protect the line of sight for our neighbors from their property to the river, we do ask that you park your vehicles out of the line of sight between our neighbors' homes and the river.

4.) Parking & Driving

Please park in the areas designated to ensure plenty of parking for all guests. Avoid parking on the street if at all possible. We request that you, your guests and all members of your party exercise caution when driving on or near the property as children may be present. 


1.) Rings & Things

Please use the coasters provided to prevent rings and discoloration and treat the furnishings with care as you would in your own home. Repair or replacement of damaged furnishings or property on the premises will be deducted from the security deposit and guests agree to payments beyond the deposit to replace furnishings damaged beyond normal wear as assessed by property management. If you see damaged furnishings or property upon your arrival please immediately contact property management so those defects may be noted and acknowledged at commencement of your stay.

2.) Pollution

Please DO NOT EVER leave beer bottles, soda cans, candy wrappers, dirty diapers or other trash laying on the property or the banks of the river.


1.) Drugs & Alcohol
2.) Trash Management

Please don’t leave open or bagged trash outdoors unprotected. All garbage should be bagged and placed in the trash containers outside the back door of Casa Tejas. If the trash containers are full, place bagged trash on the concrete floor of the Studio laundry room, close the door and notify property management.

3.) Child Supervision

Close supervision of all children (under the age of 18) in your party is essential to a safe an enjoyable visit to the Property. All parents, adult family members and friends are charged with providing constant close supervision of all non-adult visitors on the property to ensure safe and appropriate behavior and use of the property.

4.) Sticks & Stones

With the natural terrain and dozens of trees, we have many sticks, stones, loose limbs and miscellaneous natural material on the property. Please caution all guests in your party against throwing, swinging or slinging rocks, sticks or other items.

5.) Hoses & Hazards

We have provided a garden hose near the fire pit. Please see that the hose, or any other material that might cause a tripping hazard, is properly coiled and/or placed in a safe place and position. 

6.) Gatherings

Collect all trash, decorations, etc. and dispose of properly. Return tables, chairs and other furniture to their original location. Music and noise must be kept to a respectful level in consideration of the neighbors and turned off or to a soft level after 11:00pm.

7.) TV's

Follow directions for use provided with the remote control in each house. Do NOT allow children to use the remote controls. Pushing random buttons could reprogram the remote and disable the TV for the duration of your stay.

Thank you for agreeing to the House Rules above which are provided to ensure the safety and full enjoyment of all Rio de Arcadia guests.